The folks at Dammann Stringed Instruments have leaned into the challenge of modernizing the mandolin family. With numerous ergonomic and playability innovations, these instruments play easily, and offer clarity and depth of tone. We recently landed our first Dammann Mandocello, here in a Jumbo guitar body, and already we’re impressed. Locally sourced Osage Orange back and sides, Sitka Spruce top, and a Cherry neck to keep things interesting. This beauty has 10 strings, and can be tuned from C to E, making this playable with the first eight strings as an octave mandolin, or the bottom eight strings as a mandocello.
They’ve also engineered an adjustable neck angle, so there’s no fear of a neck reset to keep the setup where you need it, and a short 24.5 inch scale for easy fretting and intonation. A small soundport in the upper bout gives the player a bit more “me in the monitors,” and Dammann’s shop-made piezo pickup delivers faithfully acoustic flavor to your amplified endeavors. With the fifth C course, you’ve got an ferociously dynamic tonal palette at your fingertips. Traditional fiddle tunes are a blast to pick out on this Dammann, but there’s also latitude for complex chords, new voicings to accompany your songs, and all the color and sustain a Jumbo guitar body provides.
Something altogether new, this Dammann Guitar Mandocello feels natural in your hands, and is the best choice for expanding your tonal horizons.

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