Dangerous Music Monitor


Clean and Transparent Monitoring System with amazing conversion

Manufacturer Description:

Hear Everything.
Miss Nothing.

The world’s top mastering engineers know that monitoring is the most crucial part of any studio. Each decision lives or dies depending upon what is heard- or missing. They rely on an honest, uncolored yet musical signal path with immediate and intuitive controls to deliver the perfect balance every time.

      • Designed by mastering engineers


      • Unparalleled clarity, detail and resolution


      • Mastering grade onboard D-to-A conversion


      • Seamless switching between digital and analog sources


    • Stepped Attenuator Volume Control for precise adjustment and repeatability

To execute top shelf work engineers need the ability to fluidly switch between multiple analog and digital sources, reference different sets of speakers, recall level settings and critically analyze the input source material through the identical signal path. The Dangerous Monitor realizes these four distinct functions.

      • Analog Input Switching: 3 pairs of analog inputs


      • Digital Input Switching: 4 digital inputs, with active thru outputs


      • Onboard D/A: Custom Dangerous Reference DAC


      • Full console monitoring functions: L&R Phase reverse, L&R Mute, Mono, Dim, Alternate Speaker, and -6VU Meter Offset 


      • Analog and Digital Meter Feeds


    • Meticulously built, by hand, in the USA

The sound of the Dangerous Monitor is transparent, yet musical. While achieving ruler flat specifications on paper is possible, the result is often cold and sterile. The marriage of specs and musicality is the ultimate goal- but due to the complexity, remains frustratingly elusive. Fortunately, Chris Muth, the equipment designer for many of the world’s top mastering facilities has this gift and the experience.  No other audio company shares this pedigree: real world testing and fine-tuning amidst some of the world’s greatest studios and ears.

The Dangerous Monitor will change the way you listen.


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