This is by far the most outstanding D’Aquisto guitar I have ever seen; it is simply fabulous. It came here in the 1970s, we sold it then, and it has just come back to me from that same person, in its same wonderful, totally original condition. I knew Jimmy D’Aquisto quite well. We first met in the early 1960s when he was an apprentice in John D’Angelico’s shop on Kenmare Street, downtown in Little Italy here in New York; I was the 15-year-old just itching to make guitars, and D’Angelico took a liking to me, showed me how to do things, gave me stuff. Since Jimmy and I were fairly close in age (and we both spoke Brooklyn real good) we became close friends, and that lasted right up until his death, in 1995. This instrument is of course a New Yorker model, D’Aquisto's’s best and finest, and it is not only his most elaborate, it has the very best woods throughout: gorgeous flamed maple for the back, sides, and neck, and European Alpine spruce for the top. It is also the only guitar he ever made, to my knowledge, in this beautiful clear red color, apparently to someone’s request, as of course all of his guitars were. It is a full 18” across the body with a 24-3/4” scale and a typically comfortable neck shape for him, making for the most pleasant playing experience, so much so that you stop thinking about that the minute you pick it up. The tones are exactly what one would expect from a guitar made by, in my opinion, one of the two or three best guitar makers, of any style, ever to live in America; clear and bright all across the range, and just……….beautiful. This instrument is 100% original in every little detail, including its gold-plated DeArmond floating pickup, with absolutely no indignities ever having been perpetrated on it; it is in near-mint condition. $52,000 w/ohsc

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