Here's how it goes between me and that tall business partner of mine: He is known worldwide as one of, if not the the biggest Gary Moore fan on the planet. He thinks Gary was the greatest guitar player that ever lived and that everyone who came either before or after him ripped off his licks. Randy Rhoads? He ripped Gary off. Joe Bonamassa? He really ripped Gary off and probably owes him money. Eddie Van Halen? He stole everything he knows from Gary. Keith Richards? No one would have ever heard of him if it weren't for Gary Moore (all this according to Gary's #1 fan, Mr. Lee Jackson.)

I, on the other hand did a bit of world travelling as a young man and had the chance to live in Germany from 1982-1985 as a tanker in the U.S. Army. Saw a good many Rock bands over there and I think it was at the end of '83 or early '84 when I saw The Michael Schenker Group live and in action. The one thing that struck me about the band was Schenker's playing and having been a UFO fan for a good minute, I absolutely loved his tone and leads. His playing seemed effortless and, fueled by good German beer, the experience was etched into my young, Rock n Roll mind.

Back to Gary Moore. Lee and I are gabbin' about guitars players yesterday when, as if a little devil had whispered into my left ear, I blurted out, "Gary Moore stole everything he knew from Michael Schenker and if it wasn't for UFO, there would be no knucklehead running around in a red jumpsuit. I think Gary owes 'ole Mike some money for all those stolen licks." Uh-oh. There is a huge red button on my business partner's chest and not only did I push it, I punched it so hard, it was looking for its mouthpiece. Dude's face got red, his voiced raised up a little (as happens when he's really riled up) and he rolled up on me like a debt collector for the Mob. "Michael Schenker couldn't carry Gary's guitar case. They're not even in the same league! Have you ever heard Parisienne Walkways?" (I call that song Parmesan Hallways when I'm in the mood to live a little dangerously.) "Gary Moore this and Gary Moore that and blah, blah, blurb, blart samma cram waka frackin' blub"- it all began to run together. Realizing that I might be about to die, I pulled out my ace, my shield and my last defense. "Well at least I saw Gary play live an you never did, so put that in your pipe and smoke it." That stunned the rabid giant into silence and I quickly and quietly made my way back into the office, where I keep a large caliper pistol next to my desk. Semi-safe at last, I sat down and went back to work with a slight grin on my face, convinced once again that short people rule the world for a reason...

When Dean made this run of 100 guitars, two of them did not pass final inspection and were thrown away. In order to complete the full number of 100 pieces, 101/100 and 102/100 were made. This is one of those last two, making it a quite rare guitar indeed. Here's the email from Brad Mader at Dean Customer Service to confirm:

Hello Ray, There were actually 2 of that run of guitars that never made it past final inspection. They were discarded and never completed. To fill the run there were 2 more made number 101 of 100 and 102 off 100 to physically complete 100 instruments. Because of the serial number situation used prior to 2008 we could not simply number these new guitars the same as the rejected 2 guitars, hence the 101 and 102 of 100. Not really the correct way of doing it but nonetheless you got a rather unique item. =) Enjoy the guitar.
Brad Mader ♫ Customer Service ♫

There you have it, folks. One of the last of the run and in New Old Stock condition. Please call or email with any questions and as always, thanks for stopping by the land of the cool and the home of the rare!

Year Condition Color Case
2005 Near Mint Black/White Original Hard


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