Beautiful specimen of the model that we made for Jimmy Rosenberg in 2000. This one (a 2001) is a Custom model with 14 frets to the body AND a short scale!!! The action at 2mm on the treble side and 2.25mm on the bass side combined with the short scale make playing this instrument a dream!
The tone is pure Favino! Strong nasal upper mid range, dry, loud trebles, deep low end, and loads of BARK!
The Dell'Arte Jimmy Rosenberg is a deluxe version of the well regarded Dell'Arte Hommage. Built in the style of the Favino Petit Bouche, it is the largest of the traditional gypsy jazz guitars. This design is renowned for it's increased power and projection, and is a versatile instrument for either lead or rhythm work.

The guitar is in superb condition, the top is Master grade Alpine Spruce, the back and sides solid east Indian Rosewood. with a spectacular tiger flame maple neck, gold Gotoh tuners, and the traditional DR tailpiece with MOP inlay. The head plate, the fingerboard, the bridge and moustaches, the tailpiece insert are made of Master grade Gabon Ebony. The bridge is mounted with a Bigtone pickup, passive system, no battery needed, the best system for Gypsy style guitars. You can literally listen to a hundred recordings made through a Bigtone system by artists such as Jimmy Rosenberg, Angelo Debarre, Boulou and Elios Ferre, Dorado Schmitt, Paulus Schaffer, Patrick Saussois, Tchavolo Schmitt, Romane, Robin Nolan, Samson Schmitt, John Jorgenson, Joscho Stephan....Ok I stop!

For a twenty year old instrument this guitar could be listed as "mint" if it wasn't for a tiny pick ding on the top, another one by the foot of the bridge and what looks like a capo mark on the back of the neck. See the last three pictures

Make me a sensible offer, I'll entertain it!

Gypsy Jazz Distribution

Gypsy Jazz Distribution

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Gypsy Jazz Distribution
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