Selmer type guitar tailpiece

The finishing touch for an authentic European-style jazz guitar is this reproduction 1930s Selmer tailpiece.

This is the REAL , original DR tailpiece created by Dell’Arte guitars in 2000 and installed on thousands of guitars since then. Guitar makers Bob Holo, Stefan Hahl, Alain Mazaud, Olivier Pozzo, Shelley Park, Geronimo Mateos, Cyril Gaffiero, John Kinnard, among dozens of makers worldwide have used this tailpiece on their instruments at one point or another. This tailpiece has been copied in Europe and a cheaply made version is sold in the U.S at an exorbitant price.($160.00 bare) We have recently increased the gauge of the brass and changed the formulation of the coating to make this tailpiece not only last forever but also improve the tone of your instrument.

Length over the top: 4 1/8”

Mounting bracket size with three screw holes: 2 ¼”

The tailpiece is sold mounted with highly polished Ebony insert (You can request Rosewood at no extra charge) protective leather and three brass screws. The post accepts both ball and loop end strings

Gypsy Jazz Distribution

Gypsy Jazz Distribution

Brand New
Polished Brass
Gypsy Jazz Distribution
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