Finally, thanks to Christian Yves Guen, the re-issue of the legendary Stimer ST-51 is here!! Created in 1951by Yves Guen under the brand name Stimer, this pickup was first used by Django Reinhardt and became popular among the Manouche jazz players such as Maurice Ferre (aka Gros Chien) Joseph Pouville (aka Babagne) Paul Tchan Tchou Vidal, Patrick Saussois and scores of others.

This pickup is truly the sound of Jazz Manouche of the 50's till the end of the 70's

The mount is identical as the DeArmond Rhythm Chief pickup (in fact the ST 51 sounds great on an archtop!)

The thickness of the pickup itself is 8mm
Supplied with a 3mm to 1/4" jack and a magnetic mount if you don't want to use the "monkey on a bar" mount

Gypsy Jazz Distribution

Gypsy Jazz Distribution

Brand New
Polished Chrome
Gypsy Jazz Distribution
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