What originally attracted me to this unit was its modulation capabilities-- the range of controls allows for a variety of chorus, flange, and phase options (as most of these effects are based on modulated delay lines), but also, because it can be set 100% wet, it can be used as a true pitch-shifting vibrato (a hard effect to come by). Also, because of its modulating and pitch shifting abilities, the delay time is "twistable," and, coupled with a runaway-echo style feedback, provides all of the self oscillating wild UFO sounds you can hope for. There's options for positive and negative feedback, as well, which is very cool for the chorus/flange effects. Medium delays heavily modulated replicate the over-the-top psychedelia of old Funkadelic vocal effects-- crank the modulation and repeat after me: "I am Sir Nose..." Because we're dealing with "vintage" consumer-level digital, here, the unit itself is somewhat noisy and the echoes have a very distinct character to them; the runaway feedback, especially, has a fantastically junky quality to it. Though it can be set subtly, I prefer it for wild special effects-- I have better delays for subtle atmospheres and soft, swirling modulations. Also, it is usable live, with pedal switching for both the effect and a great Hold function (which locks the current echoes in place indefinitely, allowing you to play under them), which is actually more useful than most delay units that offer a poorly integrated looper (Boss and Digitech, I'm looking at you).  All features tested and working. Near mint w/original box & pedal unit.

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