If you are looking at these guitars you already know...

Here is a set of Detemple Twin's, 1 Strat and one Tele.

These guitars were specifically made to order for me in 2007. I received them in 2010 because of how backlogged Michael tends to be! All of Michaels guitars are exquisite to begin with, but these are particularly desirable: the woods for the bodies were hand selected by Michael himself at my request for the lightest ash wood he could find and the necks were made nice and chunky to my specifications. As you may or may not know the bodies for Detemple twins are made from the same piece of wood hence the name. I additionally requested that my name not be written on the back of the headstocks since I knew that should I ever decided to sell them(and here we are!), the buyer most likely wouldn't want someone else's name on the guitars. They are in near mint condition and have remained in their cases except for the few times I have taken them out to admire them and give them a strum. If you were to order a set of Twins today you would wait well over a year(maybe 2?) and pay north of 18k. So here is your chance to own a pair of the most coveted boutique guitars available today without the long wait time. It doesn't get any better than this in the boutique guitar world.

Year Condition Color Case
2010 Mint Bonlde None


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