DiGiGrid IOX Expansion Audio Interface for SoundGrid System


Ethernet Audio Interface with 12 Mic/Line Preamps, 6 Line Outputs, 4 Headphone Outputs and SoundGrid Network Integration

Manufacturer Description:

Ideal for your studio’s performance/recording room, DiGiGrid IOX is a high-count I/O interface featuring 12 mic/line inputs with broadcast/studio-quality preamps and 6 line outputs. With four customizable headphone outputs which allow individual mixes for each musician, the IOX delivers high-resolution monitoring whether you’re performing in the studio or listening in the control room. Plug the IOX into your SoundGrid network with a single Ethernet cable, and you will enter a new world of real-time tracking, mixing and monitoring. And that’s not all: With a SoundGrid DSP server on your network, you can run hundreds of SoundGrid-compatible plugins from Waves and other developers, fully integrated within your DAW, with latency of only 0.8 milliseconds.

Main Features

  • Audio I/O for Native DAWs
  • 12 mic/line inputs with broadcast/studio-quality preamps
  • 6 line outputs, 4 headphone outputs
  • Full plugin integration
  • Quick-view front panel metering
  • High-definition 192kHz ADC conversion
  • Super-low latency: 0.8 milliseconds
  • Connect with one Ethernet cable (Cat 5e/Cat 6)
  • Run hundreds of real-time plugins (SoundGrid DSP server sold separately)
  • ASIO- and Core Audio-compliant 


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