A very early American banjo from the 19th-century; we’re told by expert Leo Coulson that this one was made by one of the Dobson brothers for Buckbee, in New York City, probably in the 1870s. With its 40 brackets (all there!), it’s an unusual version; standard of the day was 24-30. Even better is that it has the capability of having five tuning pegs on the peghead, plus the standard fifth on the side of the neck, making it capable of being either a 6-string or 6-string banjo. Better-grade metal-clad rim, lovely abalone and brass fingerboard inlays. It was brought in here as found: neck reasonably straight with some frets lifting, one missing; no tuning pegs, nut or tailpiece; neck slightly loose from dowel stick; needs cleaning. Now almost 150 years old, it is an authentic open-back banjo from the period of early American music that we treasure so much. Offered as is at $395 w/ssc

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