Once more, from the depths of 273 Bleecker Street, a fabulous 19th-century 5-string banjo, this one with beautiful wood floral inlay almost the entire length of the fingerboard and the best wood marquetry butterfly inlaid into the peghead. Brought to us as found, somewhere, and waiting here for over forty years to be released. Also again, from the inimitable Leo Coulson, The Banjo Guru (or my Banjo Guru anyway), "I say Dobson by Buckbee… much cooler….”. Sixteen bracket hooks with early-style square nuts (well, fifteen of them are there anyway); solid bent-wood rim with brass cladding; and three 1910s-era Patent-style tuning pegs. Restore it, play it, add it to your den for authentic American decor, but really genuine and real decor, as opposed to, well, you know. Offered as is for $795 w/ssc

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