DPA 3532 S A-B Stereo Microphone Kit


Solid State Large Diaphragm Stereo Microphone Kit

Manufacturer Description:

The Type 3532-S is a complete A-B Stereo Kit consisting of two carefully factory-matched omnidirectional Large Diaphragm Microphones Type 4041-S with 130V solid state preamplifiers in a discrete class A design. Included is also the Hi-Voltage Microphone Amplifier Type HMA4000 and a Stereo Boom all packed with cables in a handy carrying case with a foam insert. The specially selected microphones are matched within 1dB on both frequency response, sensitivity and self noise. The maximum phase response difference from 50Hz to 20kHz is 10. The frequency response from 10Hz to 20kHz with a 4-6 dB soft boost around 8kHz matches the response of the highly acclaimed Type 4040 Hybrid Microphone. The two 4041-S are powered via the standard HMA4000 Microphone Amplifier, creating an A-B stereo microphone system that offers a totally transparent audio path with an exceptionally low noise floor of maximum 7dB(A) and a SPL handling capability of 144dB SPL peak.

This is the ultimate choice for all professional A-B Stereo recordings.

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