DPA 4003 130V Omnidirectional Condenser Microhphone


DPA's 130 Volt Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone, some say this is the pinnacle of precision in recording.

Manufacturer Description:

The Type 4003 is an omnidirectional hi-voltage (130 V) condenser microphone with extremely linear frequency response and extended low frequency handling capability (-2dB at 10Hz). The high sensitivity and the low noise-floor of the 4003 makes the microphone the perfect choice for all professional recordings.

The Type 4003 is acoustically identical with the studio standard Type 4006, but differs in the powering system. The hi-voltage system enables the 4003 to handle app. 10dB higher SPL than the 4006. The impressive dynamic range of the 4003, together with the wide range of acoustic pressure equalizers and protection grids puts the 4003 in top league of studio quality microphones.

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