DPA 4012 Cardioid Microphone, 130 V


 Type 4012 is acoustically identical with the popular Type 4011-TL, but differs in the powering method which enables the 4012 to handle extreme sound pressure levels.

Manufacturer Description:

The Cardioid Microphone 4012 is a hi-voltage (130 V) condenser microphone with a linear frequency response from 40 Hz to 20 kHz (±2 dB) and an incredible SPL handling capability of 168 dB SPL peak before clipping occurs.

The off-axis characteristics of the 4012 Cardioid Microphone are totally linear, a unique quality which has taken a lot of attention to obtain. So any leakage that occurs from off-axis sound sources is still a faithful reproduction of these sounds, though attenuated according to the true first order cardioid pick-up pattern.


Holder and windscreen are included.

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