DPA DAO0131 130V Microphone Cable, 10m (32.8ft) (Type HMA4000)


130V Microphone Cable, 10m (32.8ft) (Type HMA5000)

Manufacturer Description:

The DAO0131 is a flexible hi-voltage microphone cable specially designed for usage with Type HMA5000 Hi-Voltage Microphone Amplifier and the hi-voltage microphones Types 4003, 4004, 4012 and 4016. The cable jacket is of an abrasion resistant anti-kink PVC/Neoprene composite and the braided shield offers an outstanding electromagnetic immunity with a 98% optical coverage. Conductors are of oxygen free non-tinned copper with 40 cores of each 0,10 mm in each conductor and all connection pins are gold plated.

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