DPA SMK4061 Stereo Microphone Kit


Perfect for live recordings, these small microphones clip directly the bridge of your instrument and deliver! This is the full kit with all of the accessories



Manufacturer Description:


Containing a DPA Miniature microphone 4061-BM and a XLR adapter DAD6001-BC with a selection of our unique mounting accessories, this kit is designed to use as a close miking solution for a wide variety of musical instruments. The 4061-BM microphone offers a very clean, detailed and natural sound quality, leaving placement up to the user, in order to receive the desired timbre for studio use or amplification for live use. Included are holders for strings, universal surface mounts with double sided tape, a magnet mount and foam windscreens. The 4061-BM can handle 144 dB peak before clipping, allowing the microphone to be used even for snare drums, trumpets, guitar/bass speaker cabinets or other high SPL sound sources. For maximum versatility, the DPA adapter system makes it possible to use the 4061-BM with close to any professional wireless system available. Also available as IMK4060 with a DPA4060 Miniature Omnidirectional Microphone, Hi-Sens


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