Dr. Z Antidote 45W Amplifier Head - Black


sweet top end, tight low end 45 Watt Amp Head

Manufacturer Description:

The Antidote continues the Dr Z tradition of merging classic designs with innovative ideas to produce amplifiers that stand on their own.

The heart of this design is its matched pair of KT66 power tubes paired with an ultra linear output transformer as they were originally intended to be. The Antidote is the only way to experience the unique tone this combination produces in a current production amp.

The addictive blend of bell-like high end shimmer and thick punchy lows results in a sound that is difficult to unplug from. In the good doctor’s words: “it already sounds like a record…but cranked”.

The amp’s front end is similar to our earlier Remedy design; a player friendly revision of the two channel format where one input feeds high/normal simultaneously, allowing the player to blend them. When matched with the Antidote’s 4 band EQ this setup makes an incredible number of gain and tone variations possible. Also, featured on the Antidote is a Vintage/Modern circuit which gives the user the ability to time warp the amp’s voicing from mid 60’s to early 70’s and back again with the flip of a switch (yes, we refer to the 70s as modern).

Located on the rear panel is a jack for the footswitchable EQ bypass function which dramatically increases gain and thickness in both channels when activated. This can be used as a lead boost or a higher gain channel as the amp’s High/Normal volume controls can still be used to adjust the gain and tone even with the EQ bypassed. Overdriven the Antidote is smooth as silk. The top & bottom balance and the mid are strong and thick when pushed with a Humbucker.

We use the best available components wired by hand to create an amplifier that goes far beyond the classic designs it’s rooted in. We feel that the Dr Z philosophy of “Vintage Tone for Today” is fully realized in this latest addition to our line - the Antidote.

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