Dr. Z Remedy 40W Amp Head - Black


Crushing "Plexi Tone" switchable from 40-20 watts !!!

Great input sensativity and boldness !!!


What we think:

The Remedy is one of my favorites - old school punch and clarity with no mush.

Have impact with this tight,organic sounding tone machine. Your parts will stand out in the mix and have real impact with the strength and voice of this one - each note will mean something ....

Manufacturer Description:

In 2009 Dr Z created the Remedy expressly for those seeking the full on assault and sweet crunch of a Plexi style circuit . Using four 6V6s and coming in at 40 watts it has all the spit and growl required for everything from burning your guitar at Monterey to blasting High Voltage rock and roll.  There's more... the Remedy features a one of a kind 1/2 power switch. Flip the switch on the rear panel and go from 40 watts to 20 watts with no alteration to your sound. You'll experience the same sonic joy and touch sensitive response in either setting. Beginning in 2013 the Remedy has been updated with a post phase inverter master volume and footswitchable EQ bypass giving the player even more gain, tone and volume options. 

On the front panel the Remedy features a blended volume configuration. Both the High and Normal volumes are always at your disposal. You can dial in clear top end and full bodied roundness for any size room. No need to jumper the inputs the Dr has already taken care of it. Also available for dialing in your desired sound is a full EQ compliment of Treble, Middle, Bass as well as the master volume. Should you feel the need to go to 11 the EQ bypass footswitch is there to help you make the leap from Malcom to Angus. Even without EQ the High/Normal volumes afford the user a substantial amount of tone adjustment. 

The back panel includes 4,8 and 16 ohm outputs, the half power switch and the EQ bypass footswitch jack.

The Remedy is available as a head only an pairs nicely with any of our extension cabs.

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