Dr. Z Therapy 35W Amp Head - Black


Tweed-era clean with a Dumble-esque saturated edge! Grillcloth front upgrade!

What we think:

The Dr. Z Therapy is an aptly named success of an amp far off the beaten path from The Doctor's previous releases. With a clean slate and fresh perspective, the Dr. and gang tackled a whole new sound filled with bliss-inducing cleans, euphoric driven tones and rich harmonic content that's borderline theraputic - hence the final name, The Therapy. The finished product is an extremely versatile do-all amp with enough gain on tap to go from sparkling clean to Tweed-y growl to Overdrive Special style saturation. Super touch dynamic and sensitive, the Therapy responds beautifully to your picking nuances and makes sure every time you dig into a string - it responds accordingly. The bass response is booming, filling out the tonal spectrum nicely with the Therapy's thick midrange and warm open high-end. The Post Phase Inverter Master Volume enables you to keep those incredible tones at all volumes, making sure you lose no shimmer or sparkle on the high end at lower bedroom volumes.

The Dr. Z Therapy is an amp we expect to be successful not only now but in the many years to come. Atypical of anything Dr. Z has done before, this amp showcases the brilliance behind the scenes at the Z headquarters. 

Manufacturer Description:

   The Therapy is a departure from what Dr Z Amps has done in the past. We started with a clean sheet of paper and a fresh sonic perspective. The result is a cathode biased 6L6 based amp with a flavor of a low powered tweed Twin. It has a range of tones that will appeal to a wide audience and it includes a special design post phase inverter master volume which does not lose top-end definition at bedroom settings. Its output is a cool 35 watts with a tube rectified power supply.

Under the hood you'll find the highest quality components throughout. Special attention was used to select the coupling caps. We chose Jupiter hi end hand rolled coupling caps for the banana yellow Astron tone found in early Fender tweed amps. A high precision PEC sealed volume pot is used for unmatched sensitivity, control, and long life. The large output transformer gives more thrust than you can get from a 20 watt amp.
The Therapy has a woody bass response that fills out nicely. Think tweed-like clean with a modern clarity. We incorporated our unique 2 preamp tube front end that we have mastered in designs from our past. The more American-type overdrive sounds are smooth and harmonically rich while allowing great sustain and clarity. Because the Therapy doesn't use a cascaded front end you also get great clarity from pedals even at the highest drive settings. This simple design coupled with special EQ wiring maximizes gain, touch dynamics, and guarantees stable frequency response across the dial.

The PPIMV helps keep the sound level in check whether you are in church or in an arena. In this circuit the master is very effective with better results than you would get from many attenuators. All in all the Therapy is a great choice for a modern spin on a 6L6 design. It has great cleans for the roots players and plenty of drive for the rockers.

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