The JAZ 20/40 encompasses all your favorite qualities from Dr Z’s most popular models. With the front end of the MAZ series coupled to a cathode biased 4 6V6 output section the JAZ 20/40 is the most feature laden Z amp to date. No need to decide between buying a 20 watt or 40 watt amp. The JAZ 20/40 is both in one box. Like the Dr Z Remedy amp, the JAZ 20/40 has the amazing ½ power switch feature. There is zero change in tone and response when going between the ½ and full power modes. You just get more or less volume. The ½ power switch along with the master volume will allow you to dial the JAZ in for any size room. Sparkling, full bodied clean head room to lower wattage output tube grind…it’s all in there.

Full bias modulating output tube tremolo is on board as well. Output tube tremolo gives you a depth not heard with pedals or opticoupler circuits. You get deep pulsating swells of tremolo from the JAZ. Whether you desire slow and mellow or faster Bo Didley sounds you can dial it in with ease via the speed and depth controls. Add in the tube driven reverb and you’ll be navigating the swamps of the bayou. Speaking of reverb, the JAZ 20/40 reverb circuit has been dialed in to produce a very lush verb. You’ll find it has great depth compared with other single knob reverbs.

The front panel features controls for volume, full EQ, master, speed, depth, and reverb. Around back is an effects loop, speaker outs (4, 8, and 16) and the ½ power switch. The reverb and tremolo can be turned on and off via the supplied 2 button footswitch.

The JAZ 20/40 is available as a head, 1x12, and 2x10 combo. Adding the Z Brake Lite to a combo gives you the ultimate 1 amp rig. You’ll be equally suited for big outdoor stages and bedroom playing all with one amp.

Due to the rapid turnover rate of Dr. Z amps, colors will vary, and chances are we probably have more than one of any given amp at any given time in stock

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