Delightfully opened up, this 1996 D-18S from Lynn Dudenbostel lends weight to the argument that older equals better. The voice speaks to the hundreds of hours of tunes that have already gone into these fine tonewoods: dry, cracklin' bass from the Mahogany back and sides and a crisp set of treble strings with a toothy bite (a la Adirondack Spruce). With the 12-fret neck and Slope Dreadnought body, this Dudenbostel has an extra dose of warmth and sweetness that smooths the edges between respective registers, and the 1 25/32" nut offers a spacious left hand experience.Want to fingerpick Appalachian-style in dropped tunings? This D-18S turns into a fingerpicking cannon at the turn of a few tuner knobs, responding as easily to a lighter touch as an aggressive flatpick. Have we mentioned that this Dudenbostel has opened up beautifully?

Year Condition Color
1996 Very Good Mahogany


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