Duesenberg Caribou Black Chambered Electric Guitar


An original design from the guys over at Duesenberg - the Caribou!!

What we think:

This guitar is absolutely stunning, you can achieve so many different sounds from it and all the while retaining that classic Duesenberg feel. The offset body is an immediate eye-catcher and the sounds are exactly what you'd expect from a high-quality guitar at this price point, and that means it sounds great. The chambered thinline body gives a nice sweet and airy feel to the note while retaining a rounded articulation. This thing sounds pristine clean and any player with a bunch of headroom on their amp will absolutely love this guitar!

Manufacturer Description:

The Caribou somehow still induces associations of Californian surfboards and Pacific waves, although it is useable for many different styles – like all of our guitars are. This year we have revised the Caribou optically and technically. It’s now equipped with our proven pickup combination, comprising of the P-90 Domino in the neck position and the Grand Vintage humbucker at the bridge. With a solid body routed with sound chambers, the Caribou will provide you that excellent up front tone with the power of making your presents known.
New is a 12-string modell with two P-90 Domino pickups. The new Duesenberg bridge has 12 individually adjustable string saddles and allows absolutely precise intonation. The Duesenberg Z-Tuners with their small knurled knobs save weight and allow a slim headstock shape.

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