Duesenberg Double Cat Fireburst Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Demo/Open Box


The ultimate Ric-style with impeccable German engineering!

What we think:

What happens when you take the vibe of a Ric, impeccable German engineering, and Duesenberg's incomparable style and tone? You get...the Double Cat!

Easily one of the coolest looking designs offered by Duesenberg, this one is for those of you looking for something wilder than the more traditionally shaped Starplayer TV models. Similar in tone, though with a slightly more focused pick attack, it's a great guitar for 60's jangle or powerful biting rock tones. And while the tremolo system is a slightly modified design from Duesenberg's standard version, it's just as smooth and comfortable as ever. The Double Cat is yet another fine Duesy!

Manufacturer Description:

The New Duesenberg Cat embodies all of the classic styles of Duesenberg with each aspect of this guitar showing our commitment to quality. 

The DDC is a new line of hollow-body guitars with the classic double cut-away look and feel. The already classic sound of Duesenberg has engulfed this Cat and it seems to be ready to get out of its cage. 

Making this Cat complete is our custom pickups tying it together with our DP90 up front. The only thing this Cat needs is a playmate…

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