Duesenberg DTV Deluxe Black Semi-Hollow Guitar


Deluxe tone, deluxe playability, and deluxe appointments! An absolute hot rod of a guitar!

What we think:

Hands down, this is one of the best models of Duesenberg we've had in the store. The two Duesenberg-designed humbuckers give an airy tone, but with focus and presence. Imagine the growl of a finely tuned engine dragster running at peak performance and you have envisioned both the tone and vibe of this guitar. And with the ultra-comfortable and responsive Duesenberg trem, you will be in guitarist's heaven. Get a little deluxe action in your life and nothing will hold you back from that killer open and powerful tone you've been chasing!

Manufacturer Description:

The new Deluxe is one of the most versatile guitars in the Duesenberg line. 

The Deluxe is configured with master volume and tone/volume for each D-Tron pickup, along with the capability of blending the coils through our multi-tone pots. The versatility of the Deluxe will give you more tone and exceed all of your expectations from one guitar.

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