Duesenberg Mike Campbell II Semi-Hollow Guitar #141004


Duesenberg and Mike Campbell come together for another spectacular signature series, the Mike Campbell II!

What we think:

Mike Campbell has spent the latter half of his career cementing the legacy that he and The Heartbreakers worked so hard for years to build (with the loose guidance of a man named Tom Petty…ring any bells?). The Duesenberg Mike Campbell II is the product of Campbell's and Duesenberg's attention to detail to bringing forth every aspect of his dream guitar.

This featherweight guitar hosts a rather large frame but it's quite shallow and deceivingly comfortable, just sitting under your arm like it was meant to be there. The wonderful natural acoustics of this guitar lean towards the classic Duesenberg side with that warm and airy clean tone. The Duesenberg Domino P-90 pickups only sweeten and fatten up that tone once it's been plugged in, adding that rounded low end and glassy highs to the already sweet and distinguished sound.

The kicker here is the 'destruct knob,' a boost capable of adding 10db to your tone on command (and any amount under 10db, of course). Being able to have complete control over the amount of feedback or distortion at any given point has given you complete control over the tonal personality of this guitar.


Duesenberg and Mike Campbell's creation is nothing short of spectacular, truly a world-class guitar that fits the mold for almost all types of music!

Manufacturer Description:

From perfection to a masterpiece; the new Mike Campbell II is just that. With the guiding hand of Mike Campbell, we have built a perfect guitar for the player that knows tone better than most. We have taken our new lightweight Fullerton Hollow Series and given it something that many have tried, but failed.

The new MCII hollow body has a “Destruct Knob” which has the ability to increase the tone by 10db, control the distortion and feedback at anytime with the touch of a fingertip. So make some room in the garage for the big brother of the Mike Campbell series.

"Is the Guitar Perfect?
Pretty Damn Close." - Mike Campbell

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