Duesenberg Starplayer Hollow Series TV Vintage Burst Guitar


What a Doozy! Fully Hollow with P90-style pickups. Gorgeous German Engineering from Duesenberg!

What we think:

Everyone in the shop has remarked that this is the most beautiful Duesenberg we've had come through the shop and I couldn't agree more! The dual Domino P90 pickups give this guitar a raw, vintage sound that just can't be found on any other modern guitar. And even though I've fallen in love with every Duesenberg trem I've laid my hands on, I really love the classy vibe that the trapeze-style tailpiece brings to this particular guitar's aesthetic.

If your keyboard isn't too saturated in drool from looking at this guitar, call us. We'd love to talk to you about this gorgeous guitar from Duesenberg!

Manufacturer Description:

Hollow thinline guitars deliver a unique, open sound that lies somewhere between Beat, Blues and Jazz. Well known Beatles songs are unthinkable without these guitars, and Blues and Jazz players often prefer this type of guitar because of its comfortable handling and the livelier sound quality. This version of a thin, hollow guitar construction is also one of the more successful German guitar designs since the Fifties!

And because the Domino P90-type pickups develop both a rough and a warm character of sound that suits these guitars perfectly, each instrument in the Fullerton Hollow Series comes loaded with two of them.


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