Duesenberg Starplayer TV Trans-Orange Semi-Hollow Guitar 429


Super smooth tremolo bridge and hybrid pickup arrangement. A truly rockin' modern classic!

What we think:

The Starplayer TV guitar has become so popular that we felt it was time to get a variety of colors in stock that we have not carried in the past.  This trans-orange guitar reminds me of vintage Gretsch guitars. The unique aspect of the starplayer tv finish is mostly on the back of the guitar. Check out the deep blue-ish grey flamed maple back on this guitar! It's subtle but a very nice touch.

This is the type of guitar that inspires a player to try new things.  I know that's what it's done for me.  Call Sound Pure today for details on the trans-orange starplayer from Duesenberg.

Manufacturer Description:

Our semi-hollow deluxe guitar is played by many of the top players in the world. The Starplayer-TV features a greatly improved 60s style tremolo and a floating bridge with steel saddles.

Our custom-wound DP90 in the neck position gives an authentic blues tone making a versatile combination with the vintage Humbucker in the bridge position.

The distinctive arched spruce top and elegant flamed maple arched back has elevated the DTV to one of the finest guitars in the world. It will remind you of the time when rock & roll was young.

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