Roger Saturn

Retro-look of the very special kind!! Body and neck are made of one-piece mahogany, and the usual body is dropped in favor of a brave, shrill frame made of chromed tubular steel. Bodies? Overrated anyway! Includes Tremolo shown! Custom Pre-Ordered 7 to 10 days for delivery from Germany after purchase. Worth waiting for!
Duesenberg pickups (Domino P90 and GrandVintage Humbucker) in three-dimensionally adjustable, open pickup covers transmit the sound of the Saturn - and the Vibromaster provides the necessary wellness shimmer!

Available in Red or White!



Brand New
Mark Lane
Port Hueneme, CA
4:44 AM
9 - 5 Mon - Sat

We will accept any professional verified payment but no Crypto as it varies too much and is too volatile.

This G-Base Guitar, Parts and Accessories Store is my fun, part time job. You should receive all of your ordered items in 2 to 7 average business days or quicker (I can be on tour during my day gig for up to 5 business days outside of my office). When ordering, please bear that in mind when we can’t do next day/2 day shipping unless we are in town or you contact us in advance (especially special orders) if you need it immediately. If you need in 3 days or less - you must email me first before ordering thru Reverb and I will do all I can to supply you in a timely manner or will tell you a max time to expect.

RETURNS NOTE* If you bought a tremolo to see how you like it but decide you don't, shipping back to us will be paid for by the buyer. If you have previous experience in installing tailpieces/tremolos, pickups and most guitar parts, that's fine and I salute you. I do always recommend a local luthier or Guitarsmith for installing most Bigsby, Vibrola, Floyd Rose & other Tremolos that We support here. - if your tremolo installation chops are fair to poor, ask me for free support 9-5 CA Time on weekdays. if you run into a problem, and you try to install yourself with no shop experience, don't follow directions and cause the unit to be scratched, broken, unsaleable or badly defaced - you will receive less of the purchased value and/or it won't be subject to a return refund if final inspection shows it was defaced because directions weren't followed or ignored. If in doubt - Shout out and I'll always be glad to help and/or troubleshoot when i'm available. Keep it real! Best Regards, Mark