DW 6710 Flush-Base Straight Cymbal Stand- 2 Pack


2 Pack of Ultralight with memory lock and flush-base aluminum legs.

What we think:

DW's vintage-style 6710 straight cymbal stand provides you with the stability you need, without adding a ton of weight to your kit.  It offers you a wide range of adjustability, including DW's patented Cymbal Seat Adjustment for controlling cymbal movement, as well as an infinitely adjustable Toothless Tilter and Hinged Memory Locks, which make setup extremely fast. What's more, the 6710's Flush Base Design provides the stability of a traditional tripod stand base, without getting in the way of the rest of your drum stands.


Manufacturer Description:

The DW 6710 Flush-Base Cymbal Stand is created for students, weekend drummers, and working pros. The 6710 stand's performance upgrades and enhanced adjustability bring modern technology and manufacturing methods to a classic drum hardware design. The stand's vintage-style flush-base leg assembly and smaller diameter tubing provide a practical cymbal hardware option that is significantly lighter without sacrificing quality or performance.

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  • Ultra light
  • Memory lock
  • Flush-base aluminum legs

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