DW 9500TB 2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand - DWCP9500TB


Heavy-duty 2-leg Hi-hat Stand with Lateral Cymbal Seat, Locking Clutch, Double Eccentric Cam, Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension, and Uni-body Folding Footboard


What we think:

The DW 9500 is a heavy-duty 2-leg hi-hat stand. As a part of DW's premium 9000 Series, it sports all the features top drummers and techs around the world insist upon: memory locks for easy setup, plastic tube insulators for preventing rattle, secondary tilter locks, heavy gauge tubing, and more. Drum Workshop's 9500 also offers the patented Double Eccentric Cam, for a uniquely fast and response feel that drummers love. Easing transport, you'll also find a quality uni-body folding footboard on the DW 9500.


Manufacturer Description:

The DW 9500TB 2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand uses a patented double eccentric cam that increases the sensitivity of the footboard in relation to cymbal movement, resulting in a unique, incredibly fast and responsive feel. The lateral cymbal seat is a first in hi-hat design, allowing instant access for adjusting the bottom cymbal angle, a small detail that makes a big difference. The uni-body folding footboard stays attached to the base casting when secured in the folded position.

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