DW 9900AL Air Lift Double Tom Stand - DWCP9900AL


DW Tom Stands feature ball-in-socket half-inch diameter arms, integrated auxiliary clamp and heavy-gauge tubing, and come in a multitude of configurations.

Manufacturer Description:

If drum mounting hardware should hold up drums and enable you to position them with precision, the DW 9000 Series Air Lift Double Tom Stand is your match. Made from heavy gauge tubing with oversized tube joints to minimize wobble, and armed with a ball-and-socket adjustment for easy positioning. Stands include 1/2” diameter tom arms to work with DW TB12 brackets and auxiliary clamp for mounting cymbals or other percussion accessories.

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  • Hinged Memory Locks
  • Plastic Tube Insulators
  • Easily upgraded with DW Auxiliary Clamp or Tom Arm

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