DW 4pc Design Series Frequent Flyer Drum Set Tobacco Burst


The kit is finished in Tobacco Burst Gloss Lacquer FinishPlyTM. As is the case with all Design SeriesTM drums, the shells consist solely of North American maple with no reinforcement hoops.

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Manufacturer Description:

FREQUENT FLYERTM: GO PLACES Peter Erskine approached the DW design team with a novel question,"What if there was a travel kit that didn't sound like a travel kit?" Seems obvious enough, but the minds at DW had never tackled the quandary head-on, as it wasn't a simple task. So they went to work on a kit that was just small enough to be travel-friendly, but also substantial enough to sound like a 'real' drum set should. After, literally, years of R&D and discussion, the sizes were agreed upon: a 12x20" bass drum with low-mass spurs and lightweight ratchet bass drum mount, an 11x14" floor tom with aluminum legs, a traditional 8x12" rack tom with STM, and a matching 5x14" snare drum. The kit also comes standard with True-PitchTM tension rods, MAGTM throw-off, True-ToneTM snare wires, and DW Heads by Remo®.

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