DW 6x14 Collector's Top Edge Maple/Mahogany Snare Drum


The Top DW EDGE features an alloy top ring with X-shell bottom. The sound is big, responsive and articulate.

What we think:

This specialty snare drum is designed to offer warmth, volume and throaty attack.  The hybrid shell is an offshoot of the patented Edge design and features a heavy-gauge cast brass ring press-fit on top of a 10-ply Maple and Mahogany plied shell with VLT (Vertical Low Timber) technology.  The result is a snare drum with plenty of bite, combined with ample bottom end response. Combining the high-end crack of a brass drum and the warmth of wood, the Edge is designed to give drummers the most versatile snare sound for both stage and studio.

Manufacturer Description:

The patented Edge offers a sound that no other snare drum can equal. A mixture of metal alloy with either a 10-ply or solid maple center, it gives drummers plenty of versatility for a multitude of playing situations. Cork it up for R&B and Hip Hop, or tune it low for Rock or studio recordings. The Edge is the best of metal and wood in one drum. Metal Edge rings are available in chrome or gold only, but lugs and other drum hardware can be mixed and matched for a unique, personalized look. The Edge center can also be finished in any Custom Shop finish.

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