DW Performance Series 7x8 Rack Tom White Marine


By combining the newest grain orientation technology and hand-picked North American Hard Rock Maple, the Performance Series HVX shells deliver a low, punchy sound, with lots of projection and resonance that is great for live playing.

What we think:

DW Performance Series North American Rock Maple HVX proprietary shells provide warm, projecting sound with deep, punchy fundamental tones. F.A.S.T. sized tom shells are optimized for superior sonic performance in the stage and studio. Add in precision-cut 45° bearing edges, stunning high-gloss lacquer finishes, new lower-mass turret lugs, and Remo heads, and you’ve got premium drums as only DW can deliver, all at surprisingly affordable prices.

Manufacturer Description:

The DW Performance Series offers a shell technology devised by John Good and the DW Custom Shell Shop in California. Combining the latest grain orientation technology and hand-selected North American Hard Rock Maple, Performance Series' proprietary HVX shells deliver a low, punchy fundamental, with ample resonance and projection that's perfectly suited for live applications.

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