DW 6.5x14 Collectors Series Maple Snare Drum -Ebony Oil


DW's flagship line, the Collector’s Series, are the original US-made custom drums. This 6.5x14 maple snare drum features the SSC Shell with a note value of Bb.

What we think:

This DW Collector's Series snare drum has stunning in-your-face snap, a fat low punch and solid crack. It has the standard shell configuration with maple reinforcing rings. The timeless Ebony satin oil finish can do the tuxedo gig or the rock gig without raising any eyebrows.

Manufacturer Description:

The DW Collector's Series Snare Drum sports DW's Maple Specialized Shell Configuration (SSC). Maple is a traditional shell material that gives you low-end punch, warmth, and attack. For years, drum makers have preferred maple for its impact and resonant tonal qualities. Starting with the best wood, DW then applies its unique SSC technology to create some of the best-sounding drums ever made. DW found that by alternate orientation of the grain patterns of different plies (vertical, horizontal, and even diagonal), drums could be optimized for their particular specialty - for instance, punch and impact in a snare drum.

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