DW 5000 Accelerator Single Pedal - DWCP5000AD4


Kick Drum Pedal with Chain Drive, Tri-pivot Toe Clamp, Textured Rubber Base Plate Grip Pad, and 2-way Beater

What we think:

The DW 5000AD4 kick pedal serves up amazing smoothness. DW added an innovative Dual Bearing Spring Rocker - making the 5000 even quicker and more responsive, with just the right amount of drag on the rebound. For exceptional smoothness, responsiveness, and reliability, the DW 5000AD4 is hard to beat! Check it out.

Manufacturer Description:

DW's 5000AD4 kick pedal gives you all the features that made the 5000 Series legendary among drummers worldwide. The 5000AD4's Accelerator Drive system creates an indirect relationship between the sprocket and footboard for maximum velocity and excellent sensitivity. You'll love the improvements DW designed into the 5000AD4, such as the innovative rubberized Tri-pivot Toe Clamp, a textured rubber grip pad on the base plate, and the Dual-Bearing Spring Rocker that serves up silky smoothness. On top of these great enhancements, the DW 5000AD4 can be customized to your personal playing style!

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