PDP Mainstage 5-piece Drum Set with Cymbals - Black Metal


5-piece Drum Kit with 2 Rack Toms, 1 Floor Tom, 1 Kick Drum, One Snare Drum, Double-braced Hardware, Sabian Cymbals, and Throne

What we think:

The PDP by DW Mainstage Complete Drum Kit is the perfect setup for beginners! Part of what makes starting out on drums difficult is knowing what to get. The Mainstage Complete Drum Kit takes the guesswork out, giving you everything you need in one box. On top of the essentials (kick, snare, and toms), the Mainstage Complete Drum Kit includes a full set of Sabian cymbals (hi-hat, ride, and crash), all the necessary hardware, and a throne. Wrapped in a sleek black finish, the PDP by DW Mainstage Complete Drum Kit is a complete package - and an astounding value!

Manufacturer Description:

The all-new Pacific Drums Mainstage drum set is a complete and pre-configured entry level kit that includes drums, pedals, hardware, cymbals and even a throne. The drums feature hardwood construction in a durable wrapped finish. Sabian cymbals and a full middle-weight hardware pack complete the rig. Drum sizes are 8x10" & 9x12" toms, 14x16" floor tom, 18x22" bass drum and 5x14" matching snare. The hardware pack includes a cymbal boom stand, straight cymbal stand, snare stand, hi-hat stand and a drum throne. The 4-piece cymbal pack includes 13" top and bottom hi-hats, 20" ride and 16" crash. Cymbals are included with kit in the US only. Other international markets may vary.

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