PDP 4pc New Yorker Drum Set-Diamond Sparkle


Small and compact set that is big on sound but not big on price.

What we think:

PDP has a fresh new look and a sound that already has drummers talking.  The PDP New Yorker drum set is compact and lightweight, easy to haul around from gig to gig and pack up in tight spaces. It's at the right price for a professional's "gig kit" or a first real drum set for new drummers. The poplar shells and low-mass Teardrop mini turret lugs keep the drums sounding warm and weighing less. The New Yorker comes with a bass drum lifter, True-Pitch tension rods, Remo heads, and a bass drum mount with an auxiliary clamp. Outfit this set with the DW Flatbase stands and you will have the ultimate lightweight gig-worthy set and drum hardware.

Manufacturer Description:

 Created nearly a decade ago as a portable DW Custom Shop kit, the New Yorker’s compact configuration is now available as a stylish, yet price-conscious kit for the student or working drummer.  Warm tones come courtesy of an all poplar shell and a low mass "Teardrop" Mini Turret Lug make it a lightweight and travel-friendly.  Other features include True-Pitch tuning, Remo heads, full-sized bass drum mount with auxiliary clamp and more.


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