PDP 6.5x13 Concept Series Black Nickel Over Steel Snare


The cutting sound of steel with a modern look for a price that won't make you melt down.

What we think:

The shell has been finished in a beautiful mirror-like black nickel finish that looks fantastic and rivals drums at twice the price. When tuned high this snare delivers a remarkably tight, precise punch that'll cut through the densest of mixes. Tune it lower, and you've got an impactful cut without losing definition. Cross sticking is easy and even with plenty of tone. Given its amazing versatility, this steel snare drum is ideal for a wide range of musical genres, including modern gospel, hip hop, reggae, punk, R&B, and classic funk. This drum comes equipped with dual-turret lugs, a sturdy MAG throw-off, True-Pitch Tuning tension rods with more threads for finer tuning, and Remo heads. If you're looking for a versatile, incisive-sounding snare sound, this is it






Manufacturer Description:

This 6.5x13 steel snare has a 1.0mm shell with 2.3mm, triple-flanged hoops and a dual beaded shell. A black-nickel finish creates a unique, modern look that's the perfect visual match for the sound of steel. To further enhance the exquisite look, the hoops and lugs are finished in a complementary chrome.

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