PDP 6.5x14 Concept Maple Black Wax Snare Drum


The new all maple Black Wax Snare Drums feature MAG throw-offs, True-Pitch tuning rods, Remo heads and more! These snares derive their moniker from a hand-applied wax sealer that protects its maple exterior and provides an earthy matte finish.

What we think:

This drum is standard-sized, large enough to boost its sound to the audience in any conditions with plenty of punch. Its dimensions allow you to tune the drum pretty low and still get a quality sound.

Manufacturer Description:

The PDP 6.5" x 14" Concept Black Wax Maple Snare Drum is named because of the hand-applied wax sealer that protects the natural exterior and creates that dark, earthy matte finish. Maple is a favorite wood for snare drums - warm and naturally EQ'd with balanced lows, mids, and highs.

This drum comes equipped with dual-turret lugs, a sturdy MAG throw-off, True-Pitch Tuning tension rods with more threads for finer tuning, and Remo heads.

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