PDP 8x14 Limited Edition Bubinga/Maple Snare Drum


This PDP Limited Edition Bubinga/Maple Snare Drum is here for a short time, so grab yours while you still can! This bubinga/maple snare drum has a sharp, focused attack with a warm, full-bodied tone that is sure to please even the most discerning of players.

What we think:

Add good looks and fat tone to your kit with the PDP by Limited Bubinga/Maple/Bubinga Snare drum. There's no faster way to re-invent your signature sound than by adding a new snare drum, and this one's a great place to start! Perfect for all styles of music, the exotic bubinga/maple/bubinga shell gives your sound definition and punch. Loaded with vintage-style tube lugs, the Limited Bubinga/Maple/Bubinga Snare is a real eye-catcher. A solid all around performer - it's a must have for the gigging drummer as well as the studio musician


Manufacturer Description:

The PDP Limited Edition Bubinga/Maple Snare Drum features an 18-ply shell which is composed of 2 inner and outer plies of Bubinga and a Maple core. The thicker shell gives this drum some added volume with extended projection while the wood combination gives it a sharp, defined attack while still having the smooth, warm resonance of a traditional maple drum. In short, this thing has every tonal quality you could want out of a wood snare. In addition, this drum features dual-turret lugs, a MAG throw-off, true tone snares, and true pitch tension rods. Seriously, this thing is a DW through and through. The Natural Matte Satin Lacquer finish and chrome hardware give this drum a classy look that is sure to make other drummers chartreus with envy. DW Executive Vice President John Good has gone on record saying that PDP has always been inspired by the DW custom shop drums and that this simply allows you to get a quality snare at an unbelievable price.

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