DW Fearn VT-1 Tube Mic Preamp


Single Channel Raw High Performance Tube Microphone Preamp

Manufacturer Description:

The VT-series microphone preamplifiers will change the way you think of audio quality. The transparency is astounding. Vocals sound smoother, warmer, more intimate, with a compelling presence. Any microphone and any sound will benefit from the improved clarity, definition, and lack of solid-state artifacts.

The VT-1 recreates the sound of classic tube preamps of the 1960s. Modern components and computer-optimized circuitry, unavailable during the vacuum tube era, elevate this design to a new level of performance.

Design Philosophy In designing the VT-1, no compromise in sonic quality, reliability, or ruggedness were permitted. Like the best tube equipment of the 1950s and '60s, the VT-1 is built on a heavy-guage aluminum chassis, utilizing point-to-point wiring. Each vacuum tube is selected for minimum noise and microphonics, and maximum sonic clarity. The front panel switches control sealed, gold-contact precision relays for all audio switching, eliminating the possibility of dirty contacts degrading the sound and minimizing the internal audio path. Four class-A triode amplifier sections (in two tubes) comprise the entire active circuit. This surprisingly simple circuit, along with top-quality components and careful design optimization, results in the sonic superiority that the VT-1 has become known for.

All over the globe, VT-1 preamps are in daily use in the world's best studios, as well as in home project studios, helping many top recording artists achieve the best possible sound.

- all vacuum-tube design
- clean and airy high end
- fat low end
- unsurpassed warmth, transparency, and musicality
- Lo-Z input position for superior performance with transformerless mics
- Phase (polarity) reverse switch +48 volt phantom power (completely disconnected when off)
- custom-design Jensen input and output transformers for superb sonics
- 20 dB input pad (switchable)
- true VU meter (amplifier isolated)
- all point-to-point audio wiring
- high-performance, fully-regulated power supplies with exceptional reserve
- gold input and output XLR connectors
- polypropylene and polystyrene coupling capacitors
- all audio switching through gold-contact, sealed precision relays
- international operation on 100, 120, or 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz +4 dBm output
- conservatively rated precision components and rugged construction for stability and long life
- line-level processing with the LP-1 Line Pad accessory
- Also available in a dual-channel version, the D.W. Fearn VT-2

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