DW Fearn VT-7 Compressor


Warm and organic, this stereo tube compressor never gets in the way of what you are recording

Manufacturer Description:

The VT-7 has an all Class-A vacuum tube audio path, like all our products. The gain reduction elements utilize circuitry that duplicates the sound and characteristics of the finest classic vacuum tube compressors, without depending on tubes that are no longer manufactured. The control circuitry is modern solid-state analog.

The two channels may be used independently or linked together for stereo.

Controls: Threshold, Gain, Attack, Release, Curve, and Link. The VU meters can be switched between output level and gain reduction.

Winner of the Pro Audio Review Excellence Award

This compressor has a unique sound. It is highly transparent, adding only loudness to the audio without introducing obvious artifacts. The compression curves can be adjusted from very gentle to moderately hard. Like all our products, the VT-7 Compressor is designed to process high-quality audio and make it sound great. This compressor is not intended to be used as an obvious effect. It is more like having an engineer with infinitely quick hands on the faders.


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