Dwarfcraft SOMMS has arrived! This revolutionary quad squarewave synth pedal is absolutely limitless in how many awesome/weird/innovative tones can come out of one pedal. We are constantly impressed with the build quality and tones that come from these devices. The same coveted SOMMS you love from Dwarfcraft, but we commissioned a small run of custom hand etched enclosures!! Get this awesome pedal before its gone and make a statement! Only 3 available - due to the hand made nature of this process, finish/design may vary slightly from pedal to pedal.


Or SOMMS for short. For SOMMS, we looked back at our squarewave synths,
Thumping Double Squaresnakes, Rot Yr Brain and thought,

“Well, we could squash these together into a super synth of limitless evil.”

SOMMS features four oscillators, one low frequency rhythmic driver, one fine tunable audio drone, and finally a pair of squeeling singers controlled via joystick.
These are all mixed via a network of volume knobs. To top it off, we added a feature often requested from players, an instrument input! Finally, you can have a Dwarfcraft synth on your pedal board, complete with in and out holes.

Distinctive Guitar

Distinctive Guitar

Dwarfcraft Devices CUSTOM ENCLOSURE
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Distinctive Guitar
Distinctive Guitar LLC
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