Dynaudio BM6 mkIII Pair


Professional studio monitors

Manufacturer Description:

The BM6 mkIII builds on the success of the BM6A MKII design, re-voiced around Dynaudio's next generation waveguide. Designed and often chosen as a bridge to mid-field, its small size belies its ability to deliver high SPL and broad frequency response, while the hand-crafted drivers deliver superior performance.


• Extended excursion 7" woofer with pure aluminum voice coil.

• 1.1" soft dome tweeter with pure aluminum voice coil.

• 100W LF and 50W HF Class AB amplifier.

• Bundled with IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200 speaker stand for decoupling and proper angling.

• Optional TC Electronic Level Pilot or BMC-2 for precision level control

• Made in Denmark



  • 119dB SPL peak power output
  • Frequency response of 40Hz-21kHz
  • Extended bass with BM14S II precision subwoofer
  • HF, MF, LF analog room filters allow flexible positioning
  • High pass filters at 60/80Hz for perfect subwoofer adaption
  • Input sensitivity switch (-10/+4dB range)

Double neodymium magnet system with vented pole piece for accurate driver control.  Large diameter voice coil surrounds the magnet for superior linearity.  Aluminum voice coil former and wire are low mass so transient response is quick and accurate.  Diaphragm and dust cap are moulded as one piece in patented low-mass, highly rigid Magnesium Silicate providing unrivaled accuracy.

IsoAcoustics Monitor Stands 

When we started looking for the best solution for isolating the BM mkIII monitors from the surface, we found that IsoAcoustics provide the best and most flexible product on the market.

Therefore, we formed a partnership with IsoAcoustics that allowed us to bundle every BM mkIII monitor with a dual-branded stand that also allows you to angle your monitors slightly upwards or downwards in order to match your listening position perfectly. 

The ISO-L8R155 is bundled with BM Compact mkIII and BM5 mkIII, while the ISO-L8R200 is included with BM6 mkIII and BM12 mkIII.


Designed and manufactured specifically for the Dynaudio by König & Meyer in Germany, the Dynaudio mounting brackets give you maximum reliability and the flexibility to place your Dynaudio Professional monitors where you need them.

Powder coated steel / aluminum construction with 0? - 30? vertical and +/- 45? horizontal adjustment options deliver the optimal solution for most studio settings.

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