Earthworks 1021 Mic Preamp Zero Distortion Technology Used


Single Channel of clean and detailed preamp -like plugging "into a piece of wire with gain."

Manufacturer Description:

The ZDT preamplifier series is based on discrete circuitry designed by David Blackmer, establishing a new standard of sonic excellence in electronics. This exacting new standard provides frequency response from 1Hz to 200kHz +0.5dB, a rise time of 0.27 microseconds and distortion of less than 1 part per million (0.0001%), eliminating all possibility of sonic degradation. These preamps are so fast, so clean and so transparent that you don’t even know they are there. It is like plugging your microphone into a “piece of wire with gain”. You will hear clarity and detail with the ZDT preamps that is not available in any other preamp at any price.

·         Zero Distortion – less than one part per million

·         High output level +33dBu

·         Very Low Output Impedance will drive long lines without interference or signal loss

·         True 48 volt phantom, polarity reverse & clip indicator

·         Separate XLR & 1/4” Phone (t-r-s) outputs, each with its own gain/level controls

·         1/4” Phone connector output will drive balanced or unbalanced inputs

·         Lowest Noise of any preamp on the market

·         Full Differential (balanced) from XLR in to XLR out – no internal conversion to single-ended

·         All Discrete Components; Class A Amplification (No ICs in the signal path)

·         Greater Transparency with minimum signal path and minimum features

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