Earthworks Audio SR40V High Definition Vocal Microphone


The SR40V is a High Definition Vocal microphone, with the engineered purpose of being a studio or live stage mic. With low handling noise and the fastest transient respone of any vocal mic on the market, this is a must have for any live performer.

What we think:

This mic is extremely versatile and sounds great both in studio and on stage. The unique design creates incredible clear and crisp sound regardless of the environment. With the natural clarity of this microphone, you can get extremely high-quality audio even on a live stage performance. We highly recommend this microphone for anyone looking for high quality audio for vocals in studio or on stage. 

Manufacturer Description:

The SR40V is the first and only High Definition Vocal Microphone™. Engineered for use on stage or in the studio, the SR40V makes your vocals sound crisp, clear and natural. Featuring revolutionary circuitry for flawless sonic performance, the new SR40V delivers a natural clarity of sound with unmatched presence and depth for vocals. The SR40V achieves the recreation of the True Live Sound™ with its revolutionary circuitry by combining flat, extended frequency response with lightning fast impulse response.


  • Hand-tuned and tested
  • Reproduces subtle details other vocals microphones miss
  • No need for excessive EQ or effects
  • Textbook perfect hypercardioid polar pattern with natural on- and off-axis performance
  • Fastest transient response of any vocal microphone on the market
  • Extreme accuracy in the time domain for faithful reproduction and no smearing or distortion
  • Low handling noise
  • Circuitry is handcrafted to match each capsule for optimum performance
  • Frequency range spanning from 80Hz – 40kHz
  • Peak Acoustic Output rating of 145 dB SPL
  • Self-noise rating of just 22 dB SPL (A weighted)
  • Sensitivity rating of 10 mV/Pa (-40 dBV/Pa)

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