Eastman AR403CE Electric Archtop Guitar #5430


16" archtop with laminated maple construction and mounted humbucker.

What we think:

 At this price, there is hardly anything on God's green earth that can hold a candle to this deal. Eastman is solidfying its reputation as a serious contender in the archtop guitar market and with high-quality, affordable instruments like this one it is easy to see why. This AR403CE is perfect for the gigging guitarist who wants quality archtop tone and feel in a practical, roadworthy package. The laminated tonewoods reduce feedback and increase sustain, making this guitar ideal for amplification during performance situations that require more volume. Its mounted humbucker produces warm, punchy tone that sounds vibrant whether run through a pristine solid-state amp like an Acoustic Image Ten2 or a harmonically rich tube amp like the Rivera Jazz Suprema. Acoustically, however, this instrument is no slouch and it is capable of producing plenty of volume for practicing and quiet performance.


Manufacturer Description:

Premium tonewoods and the time honored process of meticulous hand craftsmanship form a harmonious relationship that has established Eastman as a major force in the world of archtop guitars. Today Eastman offers the widest selection of classic and contemporary archtop guitars in the industry. Most often associated with jazz, Eastman archtops are frequently used in many other styles of music due to their beautiful sound, range and finish.

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