Eastman AR605CE Spruce/Mahogany Archtop Guitar 5175


16" f-hole archtop with cutway and 1 floating humbucker Classic Finish. Mahogany back and sides.

What we think:

The Spruce top with Hog back and sides is one of my favorite wood combinations on an Arch, and Eastman executed this design brilliantly. The Mahogany back and sides have a warm balance across the spectrum that is just brought to life by the responsive nature of the Spruce. The cutaway brings a little natural compression that works wonderfully with the balanced sound. The Kent Armstrong floating bucker is rich and rounded and able to nail just about any tone under the sun we would ever need.

Manufacturer Description:

Jim Fisch had a life long passion for archtop guitars and the music created by these instruments. In 1982 Jim co-arthured "Epiphone - The House of Staphopolous" documenting the historic company. His regular contributions to 20th Century Guitars kept players and collectors abreast of the most recent innovations in the guitar industry.

Jim joined Eastman Guitars in 2004 to help us expand and improve our line of instruments. His accomplishments can be seen throughout nearly every one of our guitars and mandolins.

The Jim Fisch archtop guitars represent the last project that Jim worked on before his sudden death in 2006. Jim's hope was that these guitars would allow players who did not own an archtop guitar the ability to do so. Eastman is dedicating these guitars to Jim's memory, and will donate a portion of the proceeds from each guitar sale to the newly formed Jim Fisch Foundation, which will work to expose the music of the archtop guitar to individulas throughout the world.

Each Jim Fisch Archtop Guitar is hand crafted with a solid Spruce for the top and Mahogany back and sides. These guitars feature Rosewood fingerboards and are available in Classic and Classic/Sunburst finishes.

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